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Ober Mamma (Paris)

Viva Italia ! At Ober Mamma, beyond the menu that highlights italian culinary specialties such as pizza, pasta, ham, cheese (ricotta, gorgonzola, parmesan, mozzarella), all the staff speaks italian to fully immerse customers… Continue reading

Le Pigalle hotel (Paris)

Welcome to Le Pigalle, a “hôtel de quartier” situated in the very heart of trendy SoPi. This contemporary hotel both displays a distinctly Parisian style and captures the eclecticism of the area. At the ground floor,… Continue reading

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings (London)

Located just off Exmouth Market, Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings features a large bar serving cocktails, a restaurant and greenhouse, a relaxed café area as well as private rooms. The real interest consists in… Continue reading

John Weng (Paris)

John Weng is to me the best Asian place in the 10th district. More specifically, it serves a nice Asian fusion cuisine including duck bahn mi, shrimp gyozas, satay gambas and bobuns (see picture… Continue reading

Tenoha & Style Restaurant & Store (Tokyo)

The neighborhood of Daikanyama is a favorite ! It’s a pity that tourist guides don’t even mention it although it’s by far the coolest and trendiest neighborhood in Tokyo – it MUST be on your bucket list. Daikanyama is… Continue reading

Wythe Hotel (New York)

Recently opened in hip Williamsburg , The Wythe Hotel actually started with the discovery of a factory on the area waterfront. The old industrial building was first constructed in 1901, and it has then been… Continue reading

Mary Céleste (Paris)

It’s beautiful, it’s full of young (in their 30s), fashionable people and it’s all about tapas and cocktails. Yes, this is the Mary Céleste we’re talking about. The bar owns its name to the… Continue reading

No Youth Control (Paris)

If for long the Batignolles district hasn’t been considered as a shopping destination, this is definitely changing, as evidenced by the opening of the ultra trendy concept store No  Youth Control — located Rue des Dames–, which… Continue reading

Little Red Door (Paris)

Ok, you’re going to say: “A speakeasy bar? Again??” I can tell you that the Little Red Door, has something special. To enter, you’ll naturally stop by the modest red front door that… Continue reading

Phil café & shop (Vienna)

Situated in the heart of the 6th district in the lively Gumpendorferstraße, with traditional Café Sperl and trendy vietnamese restaurant Ramien as neighbors, Phil offers both culture and nice food in a comfy… Continue reading

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