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C2 hotel (Marseille)

Located in the heart of a private building from the 19th century, the five-star luxury C2 Hotel offers 20 rooms, a Filorga spa, a bar, a dining lounge and a private beach on the… Continue reading

Michelberger hotel (Berlin)

Whacky and goofy, the Michelberger Hotel is typical of what is expected of Berlin: creative atmosphere, playful design aesthetic, friendly staff. The nice bar/lounge area is great at any time of the day. People of… Continue reading

CopperBay (Paris)

CopperBay is a classy bar subtly decorated with a nautical theme, which is repeated through the name of its creative cocktails.The all-wood interior brings a cosy and warm atmosphere, different from the dark… Continue reading

Alchemia (Kraków)

Alchemia is one of Kraków’s most evocative bars. The place has managed to capture the sepia candlelight, forgotten photographs and antique intrigues of the former Jewish district where it is located. By day,… Continue reading

Le Pigalle hotel (Paris)

Welcome to Le Pigalle, a “hôtel de quartier” situated in the very heart of trendy SoPi. This contemporary hotel both displays a distinctly Parisian style and captures the eclecticism of the area. At the ground floor,… Continue reading

Mary Céleste (Paris)

It’s beautiful, it’s full of young (in their 30s), fashionable people and it’s all about tapas and cocktails. Yes, this is the Mary Céleste we’re talking about. The bar owns its name to the… Continue reading

1K Hotel (Paris)

Previously named the Murano, this boutique hotel has been totally renewed in 2014 to become the 1K Paris. Located on the noisy Boulevard du Temple, at the frontier of the Marais, the hotel’s… Continue reading

Little Red Door (Paris)

Ok, you’re going to say: “A speakeasy bar? Again??” I can tell you that the Little Red Door, has something special. To enter, you’ll naturally stop by the modest red front door that… Continue reading

Baccano (Rome)

If you fancy a genuine Mediterranean lunch or dinner, head to Baccano, a bistrot that is situated  in the very heart of Rome, in the picturesque via delle Muratte. The restaurant is very… Continue reading

Le Syndicat (Paris)

It’s impossible to guess what hides behind this mundane storefront of the increasingly popular Rue du Faubourg St Denis. Once you pass the door of the Syndicat, the surprise is immediate. The dark, mysterious atmosphere and… Continue reading

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