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St John (London)

St John restaurant has been designated by many food guides as one of the best restaurants in London ! Located on St John street itself – obviously, in the heart of Farringdon area,… Continue reading

Callooh Callay (London)

  Callooh Callay is by far one of the most popular speakeasy bars of the city. Assiduously visited by trendsetters, the place is therefore often crowded. Although reputed for its brilliant tasty cocktails, the… Continue reading

Marcel (Paris)

If there was only one place I had to choose for brunch in Montmartre, it would be Marcel. Opened about a year ago, the word-of-mouth was quick making the crowd of the 18th running… Continue reading

Borough Market (London)

Borough market, 8 Southwark Street  London SE1 1TL One of the largest outdoor food markets in the world, selling a mammoth variety of delectables from across the globe. It is one of my favourite place… Continue reading

The Book Club (London)

The Book Club is a lively place that offers up a mix of art exhibitions, club nights, poetry slams, thinking, and drinking. It’s so good because of the events – there’s always something… Continue reading

The Breakfast Club (London)

The Breakfast Club, 12-16 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS The Breakfast Club is definitely THE one and only Breakfast & Brunch institution in the UK! A long list of typical British dishes runs… Continue reading

Ping Pong (London)

Chinese restaurant chain Ping Pong specializes in high-quality Dim Sum. Try their ‘Lazy Sumdays’ menu for unlimited Dim Sum (£20), a culinary delight for amateurs ! Interiors are typical but revisited with a modern… Continue reading

Kimchee (London)

Kimchee is one of the most popular Korean restaurants in London. Each time I visit, a queue snaks out the door – which also happens when there are plenty of empty tables available…  The menu is… Continue reading

Nanashi (Paris)

You crave going to Japan but don’t have the budget for it? Well, you can start by having dinner at Nanashi. There, you’ll find a creative and varied selection of bentos as well as other… Continue reading

Albion Cafe (London)

Albion Cafe – 2 Boundary street, London E2 7DD Albion cafe is both a caff, a bakery and there is a ‘corner shop’ at the entrance, selling fruit, veg, groceries and baked goods. Situated in… Continue reading

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