Blend (Paris)


Blend Beaumarchais ParisBlend Beaumarchais burgers

What does make Blend different from other burger places? Blend was the first spot in Paris to offer a gourmet version of burgers. There, everything is home-made, from the sweet potato fries to the excellent brioche buns, fried onions, ketchup and other sauces. They also grind their meat daily from cuts chosen by Yves-Marie le Bourdonnec, Paris’ best butcher and creator of the NYT’s best burger in the world. The result is a range of juicy and tasty burgers, including the Signature and the West, both terrific ! The place has black and white walls, light wood tables for a minimalist interior decor that pleases the youth clientele so much. Go there early since the place gets busy quickly !

Address : 1, Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris map
Métro station : Saint-Sébastien Froissart
Telephone : +33 1 44 78 28 93
Opening hours : Mon-Fri 12:00pm to 11:00pm