La Coulée Verte (Paris)



la coulée verte

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Located in the 12th district, the “coulée verte” or “green corridor” has been smartly built along the Vincennes old railway line and is a true breath of fresh air away from the din of the city. From Bastille  via Daumesnil Avenue to Porte Dorée and the Porte de Vincennes, it offers an ideal quiet and charming stroll with a scenary change along its 4.5 kilometers that dives you into the nature.  The route is at about 7 meters above the streets, allowing people to look over the buildings throughout the walk. After the bridges, the route gets back down the streets and goes through a few corridors. My first thought was to compare the concept to New York’s “highline”, which is very likely to have been the main source of inspiration. Although many people were wandering when I was there, this little piece of paradise unfortunately remains way too little known by Parisians – so test it and talk about it around you!

Address : 69 Rue de Lyon, 75012 Paris map
Métro station : Ledru-Rollin